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Hello Martin,

The US service whose barrier you encountered does not provide an alternative for users not connected with a US univ which has paid this service an annual fee. If there is such a cash nexus, it would be necessary to go to the univ library home page to find out how to access the service off campus, or go to the library and access it there.

But a similar service in the UK seems to offer much more universal, helpful, and welcoming access, and it DOES in fact have your Takechi article available. It looks as if via your credit card, it costs the equiv. of around 8 British pounds. (23 pence for the actual article, and 7 pounds or more in service fees.)

I hope this works out for you, and solves your problem.

1) The BRITISH LIBRARY DIRECT URL for the article you want is;


Article title:  Artistic Direction in Takechi Kabuki Takechi Tetsuji; translated with an introduction 
Author  Lee, W.  
Bibliographic details 2003, VOL 20; PART 1, pages 12-24  
Publisher  UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII PRESS Country of publication  USA  
ISBN   ISSN 0742-5457 
Language English     
Pricing To buy the full text of this article you pay:
?0.23 copyright fee + service charge (from ?7.45) + VAT, if applicable 

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2) You may need to log in before you can buy the article you want, and if so please go to:


where you can log in by simply providing your email address, and creating your own password, which you can use again.

3) If you are a new user, you also need to go "register," at:


where, as with software use, etc., all you need to do is click the I ACCEPT button.

4) The BLD service says it provides access to 9 million different articles, so it seems to be a good resource. If you are connected with a univ in the UK, there may be some way to use this service gratis, through the univ library--or perhaps not.

5) My own univ email has a bad habit when a URL is quite long, as the above URLs all are, of only activating part of it at the receiver's end, so it comes out wrong, and you get FILE NOT FOUND when you click it----in order to be sure of avoiding this final disappointment,  please copy the entire URL,  and then paste that particular URL into your internet browser search window/box.

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Michael McCaskey
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From: eigagogo at free.fr
Date: Friday, June 23, 2006 1:21 pm
Subject: Takechi Tetsuji informations

> Hello all,
> I am currently viewing some Takechi's movies, and i wondered if 
> anyone had
> information about:
> - his theatre diretor carrier. Takechi had apparently a major in 
> modern kabuki
> and i am very curious to compare his kakubi&movie works.
> i found this promising link, but i can't manage to acces the file 
> (and got no
> answer from the journal publisher).
> http://muse.jhu.edu/cgi-
> bin/access.cgi?uri=/journals/asian_theatre_journal/v020/20.1takechi.html
> - his less known work 'Dream of the Red Chamber' which had 
> problems with
> Japanese Censors, his 'Zankoku' dyptic. Were they similar to his 
> more famous
> works or something more commercial?
> - Daydream(64) 's soundtrack. Quite an interesting soundrack which 
> mix old
> japanese instrument with electronics sound&echoes. Who's the man 
> responsiblefor this haunting work?
> Thanks!
> Martin
> --
> Cin?ma japonais sur eigagogo.free.fr

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