Oshii's "Tokyo Scanner" and "Tokyo Vein"

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I cannot guarantee, but I think you can send you order to one of the book dealers which export Japanese books to overseas libraries.  Some accept orders from individuals, and you can pay by your credit card.  Would you e-mail me directly so that I can give you contact information?

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I'll be starting a short writing project about Oshii Mamoru pretty soon and I was wondering if anyone knows of a place to get copies of two short documentaries he worked on, "Tokyo Vein" (????????) and "Tokyo Scanner" (??????????????).

I know that they're both available on DVD, but I haven't found a place that sells them online that would ship to the US. (Apparently you can buy them at the Museum Shop at Roppongi Hills and order them from the Museum Shop website within Japan, but that doesn't help me right now.)

Any assistance on how I could get my hands on these DVDs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

== Brian

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