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J.sharp j.sharp
Fri Jun 9 07:11:57 EDT 2006

> To an extent, i like to think about some ?early 60?s pinku? as being a
kind of
> ?hybrid? horror. In some Okura productions, mix of horror/erotism/thriller
> some interesting results,

This is very true - in fact, even though the Okura eroductions from the 60s
are counted as part of pink history, it has become very clear to me
recently, having seen a whole host of titles from this early era, that you
can't really reduce the eroduction as just being "sex films". They mixed all
sorts of other exploitation elements in with them, much as European
horror/fantasy did at the time. For example, I posted before about the pink
kaidan of Kinya Ogawa, who made several such titles in the 60s: The Case of
the Lusty Living Head (Iki-kubi Jouchi Jiken, 1967) and Ghost Story:
Dismembered Phantom (Kaidan Bara Bara Yūrei, 1968). These films are so
hard to see for most people, its not surprising that most recent
chronology's of Japanese horror fail to mention them.

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