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last night got an invite from Charles Thompson to attend a Stuckist gig in central London nr Bond Street Tube Station.  Charles was there but not Billy or Tracey.  Intriguing exhibition of Stuckist art principles and then some readings of Stuckist poetry.   Met many endearing and amusing characters.  Later a punky surf band from the US got stuck into a raft of numbers (and accomplished in the manner of the B52s.).   Many fashionable people and adventures with pork pie hats.  Had to leave early because of the lurgy and general lateness, felt terrible but made it back home in time to watch '10' with Alan and excerpts from his version of 'Picaresque', a play he wrote, at RADA's George Bernard Shaw Theatre.

John Winter <john_winter_2005 at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:  everything in London is striving to make itself interesting, to justify it's price, but, like King Canute, facing the swirling, incoming tide.  Arrived this morning, early.  Two Chinese students could hardly speak a word of English yet I was to teach them economics??!!   Began by getting my lad out and waving it around in huge sweeping semi-circles.  When that was over I peed myself laughing and ran out of a cupboard wearing a 'here's Johnny' mask from that film by Stanley Kubrick.  That was enough of the economics lecture.  Managed to make it down the local cafe.  They'd sold 2 of my books so I took away a few notes and went back to the school to hear the encomium of praise from my boss on another intriguing philosophical analysis of the econometrics of yesteryear.   PM

eigagogo at free.fr wrote:   Unloved was screened on french TV few year ago.
For french capable, here's review from my site:

Selon David Lewis :

> actually, there already is a (legit?) Taiwanese version of the same movie
> (no english subs though - only chinese)
> David Lewis
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> > Manda Kunitoshi is a rather unknown director to the west and not one of
> his
> > movies is available on DVD.
> > Now, a Korean company picked up the rights for his film, Unloved. The
> disc
> > will be released by
> > end of october and will contain English subtitles.
> > If i am not wrong Unloved was screened in Cannes, but i am not sure what
> the
> > critics wrote about it.
> >
> > best,
> >
> > Stefan

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