wizard movies, 1930's/40's ?

David Blair blair at telepathic-movie.org
Fri Oct 20 17:01:08 EDT 2006


I've got a couple movies I like a lot, which roughly speaking are:
1937, Jinai-ya [Eizo Yamauchi]
1937, Jinai-ya ninjutsu Sanyou-den [Masahiro Makino]
Good vs bad wizards, action packed [like a serial edited into a 
feature], filled with odd wizard conflicts/transformations... my frog 
familiar vs your snake familiar, etc.

This appears to be a series.... does anyone have any info? Are there any 
more available from the prewar or war period, and how might I source them?

The wizard costars are male/female, so they aren't yamabushi, and they 
don't seem to be ninjutsu, though they settle political scores... if 
this is a genre, what is it? Are there other similar examples, again 

thanks for any help,

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