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Mathieu Capel mathieucapel at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 22:13:56 EDT 2006

I saw these movies some months ago and I cannot remember precisely
what they're all about but :
1. Evil spirits of Japan, which is actually the third Kuroki's fiction
feature, after Silence has no wings and Cuba's lovers (I am not sure
about the english title), is a rather strange movie, and may appear
actually as an "offbeat yakuza" movie. You have a cat-and-mouse game
involving one cop and one yakuza, but the point is that they both are
played by the same Kei Sato (whom you may have seen in almost every
Oshima's films in the sixties). Of course this leads Kuroki to play
with blurred identities, not so much with some "cops and cirminals are
the same" stuff, but does provoke some vertigo effects that are quite
stimulating. This film was issued on DVD in Japan last year, as a part
of a 3 dvd box (with the two others mentioned above).
2. Nuclear war is not at all about Nagasaki and Hiroshima. It is also
some kind of detective movie : one guy played by Harada Kazuo arrives
on an island which may be one of the Ryukyu's to search for a
disappeared girl (?). The results of his inquiries leads him to the
nearby nuclear power station...
This is all I can do for you now. Sorry...
(I am now in Japan, and my dvd's and VHS are in France ; if there's
not enough informations running until next week, I shall be able to
tell you more from the 1st of November - but I guess you will be able
to find plenty of informations up to that date)

Mathieu Capel

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