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there is more film in my ass than there is in your entire body, Aaron.  rage on.....

Aaron Gerow <aaron.gerow at yale.edu> wrote:  
> Is this absolutely necessary?

It was of course not necessary. As co-owner of the list, I have sent a 
warning to the person who sent the series of messages irrelevant to the 

KineJapan is a non-moderated list, which means there is no one who 
checks all the mails before they are sent to the list at large. I and 
the other owners may issue warnings post facto, but this has been a 
wonderfully civil list. I think I've only issued 6 or 7 warnings and 
maybe removed 2 or 3 people in our 10 year history. But all of that 
depends on members managing themselves. Please keep to the guidelines 
outlined in the welcome message you all received, one of which 
stipulates that messages should be relevant to the topic of the list. 
We've been pretty broad-minded about this, but no one welcomes utterly 
irrelevant posts.


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