Another UK Event: Leeds Film Festival 2nd-12th NOVEMBER 2006
Wed Oct 4 04:14:57 EDT 2006

It just keeps getting better for us Brits....

Just had this mail through from Leeds Film Festival. An interesting mix of
old and new - classic Ozu with Kon Satoshi's latest
Paprika. Am particularly happy to see that Takeharu Watai's Little Birds,
the gruelling documentary on Iraq, is also playing. I screened this at
Raindance and was amazed at the positive reaction. I think this one might
have potential to screen more widely in the UK - I know there was a lot of
chat about it after Raindance:

More details below:

2nd-12th NOVEMBER 2006

Below is a list of all the Japanese films showing at the upcoming 20th Leeds
International Film Festival.

Tickets will be available online at or from City Centre
Box Office on 0113 2243801 from the 9th October.

For screening copies, stills, press and interview requests please contact
Laurence Boyce on laurence.boyce at or ring 0113 2478398.

The Taste of Tea (Cha no Aji) (UK PREMIERE)
Dir. Katsuhito Ishii, Japan, 2004, 143 mins

Calamari Wrestler (Ika Resuraa)
Dir. Kawasaki Minoru, Japan, 2004, 95 mins

The World Sinks Except Japan (EUROPEAN PREMIERE)
Dir. Kawasaki Minoru, Japan, 2006, 98 mins

End of Summer Kohayagawa-ke no aki
Dir. Yasujiro Ozu, Japan, 1961, 103 mins

Dir. Satoshi Kon, Japan, 2006, 90 mins

Meatball Machine (Mitoboro Mashin)
Dirs. Yudai Yamaguchi, Jun'ichi Yamamoto, Japan, 2005, 90 mins

Arthouse Ultraman (Urutoraman Makkusu)
Dir. Takashi Miike, Takeshi Yagi, Japan, 2005, 100 mins

Wild Zero
Dir. Tetsuro Takeuchi, Japan, 2000, 98 mins

Paranoia Agent Parts 1 & 2
Dir. Satoshi Kon, Japan, 2005, 150 mins

Paranoia Agent Parts 3 & 4
Dir. Satoshi Kon, Japan, 2005, 175 mins

Little Birds (Ritoru Baazu - Iraku Senka no Kazoku-tachi)
Dir. Takeharu Wata, Japan, 2004,103 mins

Executive Koala (Koala Kacho) (UK PREMIERE)
Dir. Kawasaki Minoru, Japan, 2005, 85 mins

Funky Forest: The First Contact (Naisu no mori) (UK PREMIERE)
Dirs. H Ishimine, S Miki, K Ishii, Japan, 2005, 150 mins

Dir. Goda Kenji, Japan, 2005, 83 mins

Midnight Eye: The Latest and Best in Japanese Cinema

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