Dejima Japanese Film Festival 2006

Luc Lafleur luc
Thu Oct 5 02:17:42 EDT 2006

I tried sending this a few times earlier but it seems to be failing. I hope I am
not spamming anybody:

For those of you living close to or in The Netherlands, I thought I'd slip you
short mail about the upcoming and 2nd Dejima Japanese Film Festival taking
during the first two weeks of November.

Following the success of the 1st edition in 2005, the renovated Cinema
(Amsterdam) - now with three screens - will once again play host to this
exclusive stage for the latest in Japanese cinema. The 2nd edition will run for
three days on 3, 4 and 5 November. A selection of the programme will go on to
screened from 8~11 November at cinema Cinerama (Rotterdam) and from 10~12
November at cinema Louis Hartlooper Complex (Utrecht).

The programming aims at presenting a wide variety of original and
ground-breaking films, without genre constraints; the main programme will
feature international, European and Dutch premieres only. The festival boasts
over 20 recent Japanese films.

Some titles have already been announced, such as the opening film The
of the Gods (Gerumaniumu no Yoru, 2005), to be presented in person by director
OMORI Tatsushi, while the Amsterdam leg of the festival will close with MIIKE
Takashi?s Big Bang Love, Juvenile A (46 oku nen no koi, 2006).

A special retrospective will be dedicated to HIROKI Ryuichi, who will be in
attendance at Amsterdam. Amongst others, his latest film Love on Sunday (Koi
suru nichiyobi, 2006) will receive its international premiere in Amsterdam.

Other inspiring features in this year's line-up include A Stranger of Mine
(Unmei ja nai hito, UCHIDA Kenji, 2005), La Maison de Himiko (Mezon do Himiko,
INUDO Isshin, 2005), The Buried Forest (Umoregi, OGURI Kohei, 2005) and Water
Flower (Mizu no hana, KINOSHITA Yusuke, 2005).

But expect to find some more pleasant surprises and the odd crowd puller in the
final line-up (one more Miike, a rare Ishii Sogo...). For more news on the
programme, updates on expected guest and side events, check in regularly at our

That will also be the place to look for the complete programme from 19 October

Best and looking forward to welcome you all in November,


Luc Lafleur

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