Japanese food films

Jesse Kalin kalin
Wed Oct 18 17:57:19 EDT 2006

As a kind of counter-positive to "Tampopo," there is "Fire on the  
Plains," and central to "Seven Samurai" is rice (as well as rice and  
the other grain--sorghum? barely?)  All these are about getting food,  
rather than eating it.   Maybe more relevant: isn't there a big food  
fight in "The Family Game"?

On Oct 18, 2006, at 3:02 PM, Jesse Kalin wrote:

> Any version of "Ballad of Narayama;" Kurosawa's "Dodes'kaden" has  
> as one of its several stories the father and boy living in the VW  
> who must scrouge for food every die; the boy dies of food  
> poisoning.  Does tea count as food?

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