Kuroki Kazuo's Cuban Lovers

Mathieu Capel mathieucapel
Sun Oct 22 23:13:05 EDT 2006

Just a few words about Nuclear war, to tell that there's no such thing
as a threat of explosion or so. The end of the movie is rather
pessimistic : I can remember one scene from the very last ones, where
you have the boss of the nuclear station and one other character
(maybe the disappeared girl's sister) in a car. The boss is talking
like alone, and you just understand that even if he's a criminal or so
he shall never be pursued, for he represents some huge and amazing
power, authority etc. So definitely the movie is not about nuclear
bombing, let's say more about the power of nuclear industry. Maybe,
after the wreckage of 70's left wing's desperate attempts, some critic
of the overwhelming victory of capitalism and industry in the country
as well... But looking once more to the film, such interpretation may
appear irrelevant... Does someone have a better remembrance of Nuclear
war ?
Mathieu Capel

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