DVD/Video rentals in Tokyo

Nate Shockey nshockey
Fri Oct 27 00:47:16 EDT 2006

  It's not really a video rental store per se, but you should check out
JANIS in Ochanomizu (www.janis-cd.com) - its mostly a cd rental shop
(and probably about the best one in Japan, in my opinion), but they
have a rather small but solid selection of offbeat films in the back,
pretty much the kind of stuff you'd expect a rock store to carry - I
think they've got about everything Terayama made, some quirkier
interesting pink films old and new, some smaller documentaries, stuff
like Adachi's "Josei Guerrilla", etc etc.  Like I said, very small,
but a welcome break from Tsutaya (and if you're a music fan, prepare
to be amazed).  It's also a pretty short trip from anywhere in central


On 10/27/06, Mitch Cullin <fpunk at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm hoping a few people on the list here might be able
> to help me out.  My partner & I are moving to Tokyo in
> December.  Since we're bringing a region-free DVD
> player with us but can't take our beloved DVD
> collection, we were wondering where the best DVD
> rental places are in Tokyo.  We'll be living fairly
> close to both Ikebukuro and Shinjuku, so any
> suggestions for rental places in those areas that
> offer an extensive, diverse, quirky collection of
> films would be greeted with resounding cheers.
> Many thanks in advance,
> Mitch Cullin
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