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Ooo thanks for that, I think I shall be making my way to the Bristol event 
as I am planning on doing my PhD piece on Japanese horror. Do you know if 
any contemporary Japanese Horror will be covered, especially J-Horror?

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> > Its such an annoyance all these things going on over the pond so to 
> > we in England need more Japanese cinema events.
>There are plenty of Japanese film-related events in the coming months going
>on in the UK, and ones to suit every taste and interest.
>I posted a few weeks ago to the list about several of these. The details 
>up already on
>Raindance Film Festival in London is going on as we speak, and while some 
>the screenings have been rather poorly attended, mainly due to poor press
>coverage for the Asian section and strange scheduling times (Dear Pyonyang
>for example really suffered), this weekend?s screenings of Little Birds,
>Moon and Cherry and A Stranger of Mine were incredibly well attended and
>well-received. Stranger of Mine practically got a standing ovation.
>Probably too late you to attend this, but I will mention again the
>independent animator Koji Yamamura will be in London to introduce his works
>on  16 October 2006 from 6.30pm, in a FREE event hosted by the Japan
>Foundation, and is later going on to the Norwich Film Festival,
>Most importantly for me is the Compass of Horror event in Bristol on
>November 4-5th in the Arnolfini, which I have been involved in from the
>start. The Eastern point will be screening Rampo Noir, and Alex Zahlten,
>Hisayasu Sato and myself will be giving a talk about the origins and 
>of Japanese horror.
>I did post about this before, the official website is now online, so read
>and weep with joy?:
>These are all ones I have mentioned before.
>The other definite is the Wild Japan Outlaws season of classic Japanese 
>films, which features ?Twelve ultra-rare film prints. Wild Japan : Outlaw
>Masters plays at the National Film Theatre from 3rd November before touring
>Filmhouse Edinburgh & GFT (Glasgow) in late November/December and Watershed
>(Bristol)/Showroom (Sheffield)/Irish Film Institute (Dublin) in early 
>Actually, the program for this looks pretty interesting ? as well as
>presenting the usual suspects such as FEMALE CONVICT SCORPION and BRANDED 
>KILL, there?s a few wildcards in the program, including JIGOKU, Nobuhiro
>I don?t think the website is ready yet, but the url is
>, so bookmark it for the future.
>I?ve been involved in several of these projects, and I?ll also reveal that 
>have a couple of others in the hatching for 2007, the only one which I can
>really say anything about is the Japan Foundation touring program that will
>be happening next year, which will show a lot of really good recent 
>of the type deemed ?uncommercial? (ie not horror!) by distributors.
>In other words, I think the next couple of months and beyond are shaping up
>pretty well for UK film fans given how logistically difficult it is to get
>prints from Japan and persuade venues that there is a good reason to show
>all this stuff. And the UK is a lot smaller than the States, so there?s no
>need to jump on a plane if you don?t live in places like London, Bristol,
>Edinburgh, Sheffield, etc.
>Anyway, I'd be happy to talk more about any of these events, and certainly
>look forward to seeing any Kinejapanners who can make any of them.
>Jasper Sharp
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