Well-written Movie Reviews of Chinese and Japanese Cinema

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Dear Bruce,

The reviews by Mark Schilling and KineJapan's own Aaron Gerow come to 
mind right away. And how about Midnight Eye?

Best wishes,

Sarah Teasley

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On 2007/02/23, at 18:19, Bruce Baird wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> My question is overly broad, I know, but I have done much more reading 
> of academic articles on movies, than of reviews of movies (other than 
> the ones that are included in the Kurosawa volume), so I am coming to 
> this list for help, on the assumption that there are those of you who 
> have also read a lot of movie reviews, and can make good suggestions.
> I am teaching a writing class which is supposed to focus on writing 
> specific to our Chinese and Japanese majors, so I thought that they 
> should write a movie review.  (Of course, they will also have to do 
> other kinds of writing such as a research project as well, but that is 
> later in the semester.)  Thus, I am looking for well written movie 
> reviews (in English) about Chinese and Japanese films.  They don't 
> necessarily have to be from a person who has a great background in 
> Asian Studies so Denby or Kael, or anyone like that is quite 
> acceptable, but obviously if there are people who write well who also 
> have an extensive background, that would be great too.  (We have 
> already used Donald Richie for a travel article, so although he writes 
> well and has extensive knowledge of Japan, I am reluctant to have them 
> read more of his prose.)  I also would like a variety of tones.  While 
> I was at UCLA, I used to read reviews from someone who reviewed for 
> the LA Weekly or the Village View who always had such a pleasantly 
> acerbic scathing tone to her/his pans, but I don't remember who it 
> was. (I suppose this is a way of saying I welcome reviews panning 
> asian cinema as well as praising it.)
> Any suggestions?  
> Best,
> Bruce
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