Well-written Movie Reviews of Chinese and Japanese Cinema

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Dear Bruce,

I already promoted a site called Firecracker to the list for its marvellous
new initiative of broadcasting Asian films over the net, but it has to be
said that the reviews are generally of a high standard, especially
ones written by the editors Nick North and Erika Franklin and, dare i say
it, some of mine aren't so bad (though a bit long). The site aims at
exposing wider audiences to Asian film and so is quite hip, which may appeal
to your students. It also has a very good international perspective, with
commenters based in places like Bangkok and Manila regularly giving fresh
insights. They also seem to be the only place that is really promoting
Malaysian and Filipino independent filmmaking, which is very interesting.
The only problem is the site has recently been redesigned and so the reviews
are not catalogued in the most intuitive way just yet.The address is

Franco, this might be one for your database too. Is it possible for me to
see your site, i'm always looking for good reviews myself and it would be
interesting to see what you've come up with.


On 24/02/07, Peter Grilli <grilli at us-japan.org> wrote:
> Yes, Jim Hoberman is terrific, too.
> But unfortunately I don't see the Village Voice very often these days.
> Peter
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> I would second Peter's recommendation of Dave Kehr. It is hard to teach
> film reviewing because there are many different "schools." My profs
> included people who wrote for the Village Voice and the NYT, so I
> tended to follow those publications, even if some of my colleagues were
> Kael fans. But I grew up on the Chicago Reader (thus Kehr), so I would
> now probably recommend Jonathan Rosenbaum (Reader) and J. Hoberman
> (Voice), both of whom write well and review a lot of Japanese films.
> Aaron Gerow
> Film Studies and East Asian Languages and Literatures
> Yale University

Dean Bowman
Critic on Asian Cinema
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