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Alexander Jacoby a_p_jacoby
Wed Feb 21 16:38:59 EST 2007

This time: the Yamagata documentary festival booklet on Okinawa includes three films made by Takamine in 2003, the year he was celebrated at Yamagata. One of these is the Jonas Mekas film, which has been screened in a few places. The others are listed as:
  Okinawa Island Songs Echoing in the Parisian Sky (?Mugen Ryukyu: Okinawa shimauta Pari no sora ni hibiku?) / 60 min / Video
Tsuru in Paris (?Mugen Ryukyu: Tsuru in Pari?) tentative title / 70 min / Video
  I've never seen these films mentioned elsewhere, except where filmographies have obviously been derived from this one. Consequently, I am slightly suspicious that these might never have been finished, especially since Tsuru in Paris is listed as a "tentative title". Can anyone advise if these films were completed and shown and if they ought to be in my filmography for Takamine?


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