Self introduction

Joseph Tomei jtomei
Sun Feb 25 04:56:47 EST 2007

Hello, my name is Joe Tomei and I am an Associate Professor in the  
Faculty of American and British studies at Kumamoto Gakuen  
University. Though my graduate field of study was linguistics, and I  
now work in CALL, I'd like to get a sense of the field of Japanese  
film analysis/criticism.

I also do aikido and iaido, so I am especially interested in  
representations of martial arts traditions within Japanese cinema.

As a procedural question, I'm wondering if there is a searchable  
archive of previous postings. Thanks and I look forward to  

Joseph Tomei
Kumamoto Gakuen Daigaku
Department of Foreign Languages
Oe 2 chome, 5-1,  Kumamoto 862-8680 JAPAN
(81) (0)96-364-5161 x1410
fax (81) (0)96-372-0702

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