Questions about "Letters from Iwo Jima" + Kuribayashi's Letters drainer
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I agree, however, the only person whom I couldn't understand completely was 
Kuribayashi, but overall I didn't notice any excessive formality within the 
dialogue; the younger actors more or less spoke the same way that you hear 
people speaking now.

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>I saw Letters at a press screening in Japan and the print there had no 
>subtitles. I also had little trouble understanding the Japanese and don't 
>recall any serious regional dialect. I think the only thing Clint could be 
>referring to is number one in Michael's list: that is, the special ways of 
>speaking in the prewar and wartime Japanese military (using "de arimasu" 
>and things like that--you find that parodied in Keroro Gunso).
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