Takamatsu Hideo

Aaron Gerow aaron.gerow
Tue Feb 27 19:30:11 EST 2007

The Asahi and other news services report that the famous by-player, 
Takamatsu Hideo, died on the 26th of myocardial infarction. He was 77 
years old. Takamatsu entered the film industry in 1951 as a "Daiei New 
Face" and appeared in many films at that studio, mostly as a villain. 
His works include several films by Masumura Yasuzo (in Giants and Toys, 
he plays Goda, the hero's obsessed boss) and Kawashima Yuzo 
(Shitoyakana kedamono). In the 1960s, he concentrated more on TV, 
becoming famous as the judo teacher in "Judo itchokusen." In recent 
years, he had remained a regular in TV movies and V-cinema.

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