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Dear All,
  Anyone have any news on internal studio politics? I spoke to Donald Richie last night and he told me that there appears to have been some kind of internal coup at Toho in which some of the older and more conservative bosses have been nudged into retirement. He didn't have many details, though, as he'd only heard it on the grapevine. Does anyone know anything more specific about this story? Is it going to become easier for the rest of us to work with Toho in the future?

Aaron Gerow <aaron.gerow at> wrote:
  To add to the list of summer events that I and others have sent, let me 
note that the Tsubouchi Memorial Theater Museum at Waseda University is 
currently holding an exhibit on Furukawa Roppa and his involvement in 
musical revues. Roppa was one of Japan's great comedians who appeared 
in many many films in addition to being central in stage comedy and 
musical revues. The son of an aristocrat, he actually started out as a 
film reporter and magazine editor and is also famous as a diarist. The 
exhibit includes a lot about Roppa, including his relation to film, as 
well as related phenomena such as Asakusa Opera and postwar strip shows.

The exhibition will run until July 31, but one of the jewels of the 
event is the rare screening of a Roppa musical comedy entitled Harakiri 
Boy (PCL, 1937) on June 28.

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