Mizoguchi and neo-realism

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>> Just a little question for mizoguchian specialists : a french critic,
>> Jean Douchet, wrote some ten years ago that Mizoguchi's Yoru no
>> onnatachi, released in 1948, was in some way influenced by italian
>> neo-realism. But if I'm not wrong, and Oshima Nagisa confirmed  
>> that in
>> his "taikenteki sengo eigaron", these italian movies had been all
>> released in Japan from 1949 to 1950...

Just an addendum: This is after the period you're asking about, but  
Imamura Taihei wrote a whole book on neo-realism in 1953. He notes  
that the postwar Italian cinema "shocked" Japanese filmmakers, but  
also that no one wrote anything but impressionistic criticism until  
his book. Unfortunately, he doesn't have anything to say about the  
relationship of neo-realism to Japanese cinema (making the book  
rather uninteresting). His main coordinate for thinking about  
neorealism is the pre-Stalinist Soviet cinema.

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