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> I found that the French film seems not to be well-known in Japan--I did
find several different online blogs and journals by young women in Japan who
rented a copy by chance, liked it, and thought it was a pretty good
representation of some things they had to deal with in the workplace

Interesting. I didnt think Fear and Trembling was distributed in Japan. It
must have been a tiny theatrical release if it was, or maybe it just went
straight onto DVD. Both the film and the book it was based on are pretty
xenophobic, borderline flagrant racism. I saw the film at Puchon Film
Festival in Korea, and the Korean audiences seemed to lap up the
stereotypical portrayals of the corporate Japanese. The scene for example
where the girl has a 'moment' in the lady's bathroom with her boss, and
Ruichi Sakamoto's famous theme to Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence swells in the

By the way, have you seen or heard of an older film called Tokyo Pop from
1988, about an American  girl who goes to be a pop star in Japan - I think
there was a lot of discussion on this list when Lost in Translation came
out, about how similar (and how much better) it was. I remember seeing it on
TV in the UK years ago, and would love to see it again, but I dont think its
on video anywhere.



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