North Korea in Japanese Cinema since 1990

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> Finally, outside of film, if you can read Japanese (and not at a
> particularly sophisticated level either) there's a fascinating book 
> called
> Kim Jong Il's Chef (Kim Jong Il no ryourinin), which as the title 
> suggests,
> is an account by a top sushi chef invited over to Pyongyang to work in 
> a new
> hotel over there, and ends up personal chef to the great dictator 
> himself -
> unfortunately they wouldnt let him leave afterwards! The chef in 
> question,
> Kenji Fujimoto has made something of a career for himself after his 
> return
> talking bout his experiences.

Speaking of such experiences, there is a book called Gojira ga mita 
Kita Chosen by Satsuma Kenpachiro, one of the actors who has donned the 
Gojira rubber suit for Toho. When Kim Jong-il decided he wanted to make 
a kaiju eiga (Pulgasari), he invited Satsuma and some others to North 
Korea to help out. The book is about his experiences, but I think it is 
now out of print and only available on the used market. But we have it 
at Yale if you want to try ILL.

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