position in media at Nagoya Uiversity

Hideaki Fujiki hfuji
Fri Jun 8 17:52:37 EDT 2007

Dear people who are interested in getting a "permanent" position at Japanese

The program called the Media Professional at Nagoya University, Japan, seeks
applications to a position in media. The position will be virtually in place
of Professor Peter B. High, who is going to retire in March, 2008. I am
outside the department, much less outside the committee, so the following
information is quite informal. The field of the position is not limited to
film studies, but ambiguously defined as "media." I don't think it is an
ideal position for some institutional reasons; in particular, it is quite
chaotic because it was just founded a couple years ago. Teaching English
also is duty. But there is a fruitful legacy Peter has worked twenty yeas to
leave. In addition, this fall my colleagues and I am planning to establish a
network of visual studies or audio-visual studies by integrating aesthetics,
film studies, art history, etc. crossing different departments at the
university. So I would like to encourage some KineJapaners to apply to this

Some official information can be found as follows:

If you need more informal information, please feel free to contact me off


Hideaki Fujiki, Ph.D
Associate professor in film studies and Japanese studies
Graduate School of Letters, Nagoya University
hfuji at lit.nagoya-u.ac.jp

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