I Hope'ya See a Roppa

kiseko minaguchi kiko
Tue Jun 19 19:47:15 EDT 2007

I wonder if somebody has already pointed it out for you that the musical 
film of Roppa you encouraged us to watch is not Harakiri Boy but Harikiri 
Boy , the latter meaning
boy fired up or invigorated. It's merely a matter of misprint, I suppose.
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> To add to the list of summer events that I and others have sent, let me 
> note that the Tsubouchi Memorial Theater Museum at Waseda University is 
> currently holding an exhibit on Furukawa Roppa and his involvement in 
> musical revues. Roppa was one of Japan's great comedians who appeared in 
> many many films in addition to being central in stage comedy and musical 
> revues. The son of an aristocrat, he actually started out as a film 
> reporter and magazine editor and is also famous as a diarist. The exhibit 
> includes a lot about Roppa, including his relation to film, as well as 
> related phenomena such as Asakusa Opera and postwar strip shows.
> The exhibition will run until July 31, but one of the jewels of the event 
> is the rare screening of a Roppa musical comedy entitled Harakiri Boy 
> (PCL, 1937) on June 28.
> http://www.waseda.jp/enpaku/special/2007roppa.html
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