Query: Japanese Films Set in New York City

Rob Smith robixsmash
Wed Jun 20 15:25:01 EDT 2007

The only thing that comes to mind is Love Collage (aka Collage of our Life),
by Yukihiko Tsutsumi. It's sort of a detective story, I guess, but not in a
hard boiled way, it's just a guy from Tokyo looking for the girl he loves in
NYC. It's about photography as well. It's all right, but nothing overly
great. Ryoko Hirosue and Ryuhei Matsuda are the leads.


On 6/20/07, Michael McCaskey <mccaskem at georgetown.edu> wrote:
> I've been looking for a fairly recent Japanese film set in NYC, which is
> not a crime or detective film.
> I've come across "Last Love," a new film starring Tamura Masakazu--but it
> seems to be a Yoshi-type melodrama, and a DVD of it is not likely to come
> out soon in any case.
> There's also another Tamura film, "Furuhata Ninzaburo: New York de no
> Dekigoto" (1996), but it's a TV detective episode.
> I got Odagiri's "Hazard," but it's a crime film.
> I also got "Sakura Taisen New York NY," but it's way too cute for my
> purposes.
> I would think there must be some good Japanese films set in NYC. I'd even
> settle for an NYC episode within a film, like the Paris ending of "Tokyo
> Tower." (I'm not necessarily saying that "Tokyo Tower" is all that good
> itself.) Or a TV drama.
> I'm sure I've missed some, maybe many, Japanese films set in NYC, and
> would appreciate information you might have about them.

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