CFP Global Perspectives: Film Cultures, Exhibition & Cinemagoing, Brussels, 15-16 December 2007

Jonathan M. Hall jmhall
Thu Jun 21 11:35:29 EDT 2007

Global Perspectives on Film Cultures, Film Exhibition, and Cinemagoing

Location: Belgium
Call for Papers Deadline: 2007-07-06 (in 16 days)
Date Submitted: 2007-06-14
Announcement ID: 157076

Brussels, 15-16 December 2007

The aim of the conference is to review the current state of research  
in the history of moviegoing and film exhibition and distribution. We  
seek to bring together scholars dealing with these subjects from all  
over the globe. The growing number of case studies in local film  
history increases the need for comparative studies of cities,  
regions, and nations, while the relationship between micro and macro  
history(ies) is becoming a major issue for the field. The analysis of  
patterns and networks in film culture also calls for special  
attention to methodology. The conference aims to bring European  
perspectives on cinemagoing and film exhibition into dialogue with  
British, American and Australian research, and with research  
elsewhere in the world, in Africa, South America and Asia.

The conference aims to explore and map several crucial tensions  
arising from the issues of exhibition and cinemagoing, including:

The attention given to "top down" forces of industry, commerce and  
ideology as against "bottom up" forces of experience, consumption and  

Contesting concepts of public and private space in media experience;

Questions relating to cinema?s integration into to the metropolitan  
experience of modernity, compared to its role in the construction of  
community in less urbanised and rural areas.
Please submit abstracts (500 words) with short bio to Gert Willems  
(Gert.willems2 at Liesbeth Vandevijver  
(Liesbeth.vandevijver at by 6 July 2007. Speakers will be  
notified of acceptance by 31 July 2007

Gert Willems
Antwerp University
Gert.willems2 at
Liesbeth Vandevijver
Ghent University
Liesbeth.vandevijver at
Email: gert.willems2 at
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