Ishii Teruo's Kyofu Kikei Ningen

Marc Walkow marcwalkow
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As Stefan has said, the first-ever home video release of Ishii  
Teruo's mind-bending EDOGAWA RAMPO ZENSHU: KYOFU KIKEI NINGEN will be  
unleashed upon an unsuspecting world on August 28th, from Synapse  
Films and Panik House Entertainment. I was hired by the companies to  
produce the disc and its supplements (and my mind may never be the  
same...), and I also produced a DVD edition of Nakagawa Nobuo's  
KAIDAN HEBI-ONNA, which streets on the same day and features a  
scholarly audio commentary by forum member Jonathan M. Hall.

The discs are available for pre-order now on and should be  
appearing at other retail sites very soon. If anyone would like any  
additional information about the disc, or would like to review it for  
a journal or publication, please contact me directly



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> Bruce,
> "Kyofu kikei ningen" will be released this summer on DVD in the US  
> by Synapse. Uncut and with tons of extras.
> Maybe Marc can give us more information?
> best,
> Stefan
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> Dear colleagues,
> I read in the Midnight Eye that Ishii Teruo's "Kyofu kikei ningen"  
> has never been released for mass consumption.  I wonder if anyone  
> has a tip on how I might see this film, or connections to someone  
> who can screen it for me.
> Best,
> Bruce
> PS. Some months ago, there was a question on this forum about buto  
> dancers in films, so you might be interested in Min Tanaka's new  
> film "Umihiko yamahiko maihiko" about him dancing across  
> Indonesia.  I just saw it last night at Theater N in Shibuya.  Its  
> a pretty interesting and amazing film in a lot of ways.  I think  
> its playing for the rest of June.  Its not subtitled, but some  
> information is given simultaneously in English and Japanese. More  
> info at:
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