Query: Japanese Films Set in New York City

Michael McCaskey mccaskem
Sat Jun 23 12:45:47 EDT 2007

Dear Aaron Gerow,

Thank you very much! I knew there had to be more Japanese NYC films, but they didn't turn up in any of my searches. Thanks especially for Sleepy Heads, which I'll get.

Michael McCaskey

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From: Aaron Gerow <aaron.gerow at yale.edu>
Date: Wednesday, June 20, 2007 8:12 pm
Subject: Re: Query: Japanese Films Set in New York City

> The last twenty minutes or so of Tada, kimi o aishite iru are set 
> in 
> New York: http://www.aishiteru.jp/index.html
> Murakami Ryu's Kyoko is a road movie that starts out in New York.
> The Artful Dodgers (1998) is mostly set in New York.
> Sleepy Heads (1997) is another film about Japanese youth in NYC. 
> This 
> is out on DVD in the USA.
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