North Korea in Japanese Cinema since 1990

Alexander Jacoby a_p_jacoby
Wed Jun 6 09:45:29 EDT 2007

If you're also interested in film portraying Koreans resident in Japan with North Korean nationality, then in Isao Yukisada's Go, the hero is a resident Korean who attends a chongryun school. His father holds a North Korean passport and later in the film renounces this in favour of South Korean nationality so that he can go on holiday to Hawaii.

James Simpson <badotaku at> wrote:
  I am a Politics student writing my Masters on North Korea and fear in 
Japan. As a means of tapping popular sentiment, I was hoping to examine 
some movies that depict North Korea or North Koreans (or hot topics, 
such as fushinsen or the abduction issue) from the Japanese perspective. 
I hope I can pick the brains of some of the forum members on this issue. 
If anyone can think of any films between 1990 and today that fit the 
bill, I would be very glad to hear about them.

I can only think of Nihon igai zenbu chinbotsu off hand. Perhaps 
Umizaru, although I am not sure if the film is as relevant as I hear the 
drama might be. Apart from those, does anyone know how popular Shiri 
(Swiri, 1999 - South Korean movie by Kang Je-gyu) in Japan?

Any help would be appreciated,

With kind regards,

James Simpson

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