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I got a copy of "Masterpieces of Japanese Silent Cinema" earlier inthe year, along with the "Japanese Anime Classic Collection" (which ismore cartoons rather than what's currently considered anime). I alsojust got the first two DVDs in the "Talking Silents" series, whichfalls under "Masterpieces of Japanese Silent *FILM*." That's aseparate animal.
I had compatibility issues with "Silent Cinema" - it's a DVD-ROM, nota DVD, so my DVD player isn't happy with it (although it plays mostanything). In addition my laptop at home is old and has a CD-ROMdrive, so I can't play it there. I took it to work and checked thatthe disc was okay; I'll get a new laptop in the near future and watchthen. (I'd really like to see the Yaji and Kita bits, having watchedthe modern Yaji and Kita last February.)
It's really a reference work, though, not a true DVD to watch. Youmight be able to convince your local library to get a copy (dependingon where you're at). Thus the two-minute segments. I did get a breakon it because I got the anime collection (which I got a break on forordering before a certain date). There may have also been a break onthe shipping. I don't remember what I paid, but all the breaks addedup to around $100. (Which was good.)
If you're talking about "Silent Film," I just got the first two DVDslast weekend. Beyond checking to see they played correctly, I haven'twatched themyet, but what I saw was fine. They're all-region, and theyrun at 24 fps (which I'm not sure is what they *should* be, but thelittle I watched didn't look speeded up). I can't speak much to imagequality, but I'm looking forward to seeing them because Mizoguchi isone of my favorite directors. (If you ask me in December, I canprobably give you better information.)
Got a break on this because I ordered before a certain date, but only5-10% off. A little expensive, but that's what Japanese DVDs do.
Hope this helps.
There are also some postings about it on the Criterion board, underInternational DVD News and Discussions.

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Even before the posting below, I had been trying to persuade the BFI library in London to buy this DVD-Rom, as it was also stiff for my budget.  They said they'd definitely be interested if I could reassure them on compatibility - apparently many of their older CD-Roms are unplayable.
I've had no reply to two emails to Japan, and I wondered whether anyone on this forum could enlighten us as to its compatibility with recent versions of Windows, etc., or knows someone who could tell us ?
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> Thanks for this information Markus.> > Had been hoping something more around the cost of a regular DVD might  > be available as 18,900 yen is a bit stiff for me.> > From my initial search of past discussions in the KineJapan  > archives, it does not appear that there is a good source of Japanese  > scripts on the Internet.  I will further search the archives tomorrow.> > Best regards,> > John> > > On Oct 5, 2007, at 8:08 AM, amnornes at umich.edu wrote:> >> Huh. Strange. Here is the link I was trying to send;>>>> http://www.urbanconnections.jp/en/store/dvd/taizen_e.html>>>> m>>>>>>>>>> Quoting Frako Loden <frako at well.com>:>>>>>>>> Mark, did you leave out a reference for the "only clips" of benshi  >>> performances?>>>>>> Frako Loden>>>>>>>>> At 6:41 AM -0400 10/3/07, Mark Nornes wrote:>>>> This fits the bill. It's only clips, but they're subtitled benshi  >>>> performances and really, really fun.>>>>>>>> As for scripts, search the KineJapan archive for extensive  >>>> discussions. The Kinema Club website explains how to do this.  >>>> Kinema Club also has the following page:>>>>>>>> http://pears2.lib.ohio-state.edu/Markus/searchscripts.html>>>>>>>> Markus>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> On Oct 3, 2007, at 5:07 AM, John Gorman wrote:>>>>>>>>> Hello,>>>>>>>>>> I need help in finding the following materials:>>>>>>>>>> An introductory anthology of early Japanese cinema on DVD with  >>>>> English subtitles.  I'm hoping to find something that begins at  >>>>> the inception and goes up until either the war years or the  >>>>> Occupation. I'm especially hoping for something that includes  >>>>> the role of 'benshi', preferably with some footage or just  >>>>> stills of them in action.>>>>>>>>>> A source for excerpts from Japanese movie scripts, either in  >>>>> Japanese or English.>>>>>>>>>> Best regards,>>>>>>>>>> John>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 
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