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Sarah Teasley s-teasley
Fri Dec 12 20:31:49 EST 2008

Dear Martin,

Thanks for letting us know. This will be a wonderful resource!

A question: will you be adding the names of the graphic designers who  
designed the posters to the site, at least for the posters whose  
designers are known?

Given the important connection between ATG and the graphic design  
world of the time (Awazu Kiyoshi, Yokoo Tadanori, etc.) , this would  
add another dimension to the way the posters could be viewed, and the  
site used.

Best wishes,

Sarah Teasley
Assistant Professor of Art History
Northwestern University
s-teasley at

On Dec 12, 2008, at 6:58 PM, eigagogo at wrote:

> Dear all
> For people interested in movie poster & graphic art, i've just  
> published an
> almost complete ATG poster gallery:
>  ... Thanks for all  
> people
> involved!
> French speaker can also find numerous ATG reviews as well an  
> article (courtesy
> of Roland Domenig) and an interview of Tenjo Sajiki member,  
> Henrikku Morisaki.
> Martin

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