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Fri Sep 5 09:46:20 EDT 2008

Apologies for not having warned beforehand that the Asahi ed
itorial was boring but that was precisely the point,to illus
trate what the general public's perceptions regarding the fi
lm industry are.Only the slightest discussion is generated w
hen a Japanese director gets an award abroad or when Japanes
e films are screened in prominent foreign festivals.Other th
an that,little ever happens or is discussed.
Regarding the NFC,many changes are indeed needed although it
 seems to be heading in the right direction?
I agree that having a Kodomo Eigankan is a good idea but it 
is also the easiest and most obvious one when trying to just
ify budget,programmes and facilities.The Momat as a whole ha
s kids programmes in summer and of course the NFC as part of
 it is included too.
In any case,I would like to point out that this kind of situ
ation is not unique to Japan and that film education,preserv
ation and research have a long way to go everywhere else as 

Maria Jose Gonzalez

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