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Is this a regular event??


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"visual philosophy salon" vol. 2

at the Apple Store Ginza

<What a Sensation! A Space-Time Trip to a New Visual and Sound

featuring Taka iimura & Haruyuki Suzuki and Masayuki Kawai


Experience something entirely new when you join us for an avant-garde
"visual and sound landscape."  As the light transforms, the moving
image reveals structures that are buried within the landscape.  The
sound invites your imagination, the landscape shows its colors and
breathes, and you drift into a mysterious time-space...

At the Visual Philosophy Salon held regularly at Tokyo’s Ginza Apple
Store, Masayuki Kawai invites the audience to dynamic new movements
in visual art with his fast-paced yet down-to-earth introductions.
For this meeting of the Salon, we’re delighted to welcome a pioneer
of experimental visual art, Taka iimura, and his collaborating
composer, Haruyuki Suzuki.  You're invited to witness for yourself
the past/present of an avant-garde "visual and sound landscape."
You’ll see the work of the guests and the host and enjoy their


screening program:


directed by Taka iimura, sound by Takehisa Kosugi

1962/B&W/8 and 16mm (screening from video)/10 min.

This legendary work is known as Taka iimura's debut and his first
collaboration with the great composer Takehisa Kosugi. Junk and dead
animals that have been washed up on the shore of Tokyo Bay are
animated through surreal imagery and noise music. This violent
improvisation of the visual and the musical remains an edgy piece.
Made 46 years ago, it presciently anticipates today's environmental

"A Rock in the Light" (from DVD "AIR'S ROCK" 1985-2008)

directed by Taka iimura, sound by Haruyuki Suzuki

1985+2008/Color/video/18 min.

This work is a conceptual video piece about "Ayers Rock" which rises
up above  the Australian desert. The landscape reveals its structure
as a process of light in time. In 1985, this piece was a surprising
hit on the laser disc market.   In 2008, Suzuki composed a new score
and iimura completely re-edited it.

"Tokyo Color Scene"

direction and sound by Masayuki Kawai

1998/Color/video/18 min. (clip)

In the sea of colors, you hear the sound of the city. Listening to
the sound of color, and looking at the color of sound. Color and
sound unfold various scenes of the city and  of your mind.  This
video art piece is composed of color and sound without image.

"Niagara Hot Spring"

direction and sound by Masayuki Kawai

2008/Color/video/5 min.

Dawn at the Niagara Falls: as the sky brightens, a colorful vapor
rises from the darkness.


date: 2008/09/21 (Sunday) 6:00pm - 7:30pm

fee: free

venue: Apple Store Ginza 3F Theatre (84 seats)

3-5-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (opposite the Matsuya Ginza department

tel: 03-5159-8200


Takahiko iimura (flim/video/media artist)

iimura has been a pioneer artist of Japanese experimental film and
video, working in film since l960 and with video since 1970. He is
also a widely established international artist, having numerous
exhibitions in Japan, USA, and in Europe. One of his early films,
"Onan", was awarded Special Prize at the legendary Brussels
International Experimental Festival in l964. Recently he has been
active with computer-based projects, publishing multimedia CD-ROMs/
DVDs combining film, video, graphics, text, and animation.

Haruyuki Suzuki (composer)

In 2000, Suzuki was awarded Mainichi Film Competition Music Prize for
his music for the film, "M/OTHER". He has been producing numerous
musical events for more than 20 years. Also a critic, he often writes
about music, fine art and film, and he enages in collaborative work
in the  theatre, fine art and video.

Masayuki Kawai (video artist/organizer):

"Masayuki Kawai is one of Japan's most exciting video artists" (David
Elliott). His video-oriented work has a worldwide reputation, and his
video pieces have been screened in over 25 countries, winning
numerous nominations and prizes. Kawai's work is now included in many
collections. Kawai lives and works in New York and Tokyo, and has
been trying to establish a new cultural scene based around the
concept of "visual philosophy".


organizer: REF lab.


contact: info at

collaboration: Taka Iimura, Harvest Firm Inc. 

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