Japanese train films

Alex Zahlten Alex.Zahlten
Fri Sep 12 01:07:25 EDT 2008

What a nice thread! I would add that time-travel is also a form of transportation, and there is a real boom in time travel (and the way it is visualized) in the 80s.

In addition to Pink Films, there were quite a few sexually themed train films in V-Cinema in the 1990s; the best known and most successfull is probably the "O-shiri wo nademawashi-tzuzuketa otoko" series. Directed by Tomioka Tadafumi, an early collaborator of Hiroki Ryuichi, this series certainly took a lot of inspiration from the Pink chikan densha films. Mirroring the boom time of V-Cinema, it had considerably higher budgets than the Pink versions, was shot on film (at least in the first few episodes), and was both less explicit and more character-oriented.

Also, in case these haven't been mentioned yet:
There are shinkansen scenes in Oshima's Violence at Noon, and Masumura's version of Ashi ni Sawatta Onna features some key scenes on the train, if I remember correctly. Also the beginning of Obayashi Nobuhiko's House has a quite experimental version of a train ride. Kadokawa Haruki's Aijou Monogatari has the heroine (played by Harada Tomoyo) dancing faux-flashdance style on the train.

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