FW: Japanese train films

Rea Amit reavolution
Sat Sep 13 01:37:50 EDT 2008


I never properly introduced myself, so please allow me to take a ride
on this train otaku wave to do so.

I believe we could easily crown Anno Hideaki as the cinematic otaku
king. If it wasn`t motioned earlier, in his film "Love & Pop" appears
a guy who is a train models otaku and many parts in his Shiki-Jitsu
take place around the rails too.

In this context we should  also name director Jissoji Akio. Even
thought I can`t really recall at the moment any impotent train related
sequences in his films, he was a densha-otaku and wrote even one book
about it; ??????.

Good luck with this fascinating thread.

Rea Amit

 First year M.A student at Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku. Writing my thesis
about the aesthetics of violence in Japanese cinema.


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