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Thank you, Michael, and also all everybody else who sent their contribution to this topic. Like many of you, I also made very good experiences with the Japan Foundation's staff in Tokyo - they are certainly interested in their mission to make Japanese films available to foreign audiences. As an answer to Jasper and because this didn't seem to be clear from my original email, I'd like to precise that my original concern for the below request were exactly the kind of programs he mentions as taking or having taken place in Nairobi and London. They are shown for free at Japanese consulates and embassies (who are the organisers) or in collaboration with universities. The copies come from a special list limited to showings at the before mentioned places or educational institutions; transportation is taken care of by the Japanese diplomatic channels, no additional screening rights are paid and admission must be free. But since practically all copies are on 16mm (I'm repeating mysel!
 f here), it is less than sure that continuity is ensured... and I have to admit that the preceeding discussion rather confirms my concerns.

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