Ichiyanagi Toshi

Mathieu Capel mathieucapel
Tue Sep 16 18:41:14 EDT 2008

Hello Martin,

I had the chance to ask this question several times to Yoshida Kij?,
for whom, as you know, Ichiyanagi made a tremendous lot of soudtracks
(including every episodes of the "bi no bi" series), but the answer I
got was never but filled with ambiguousness. Anyway, you won't find
any Yoshida Kiju's picture soundtrack as well (as far as I know : if
someone knows about it, please let me know !!!). That is, there may be
some kind of copyright problem, but from my point of view, and
regarding the failure of the Yoshida/Takemitsu collaboration on Escape
from Japan, I assume that Yoshida is not the kind of director to let
the composer make soundtrack he may use on his own, apart from the
movie it was made for. Look at the Takemitsu soundtrack 6 cds (or so)
retrospective : nothing about Escape from Japon, nor Wuthering
Besides Yohida, I never found anything about soundtracks in
Ichiyanagi's discography - including the "Cosmos of Toshi Ichiyanagi"
Anyway, this may be the opportunity to make something about it. I know
that Philippe Jacquier, Yoshida's french producer, had the will to
publish the Eros+Massacre soundtrack, but this never came to
achievement. He may be the right person to ask, anyway...

Mathieu Capel

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