Ichikawa Jun (1948-2008)

Michael Kerpan mekerpan
Mon Sep 22 23:32:35 EDT 2008

I've always assumed that the Ajinomoto advertisements included as a supplement to Tokyo Marigold were made by Ichikawa.  Was I right? (And does anyone know how long a period these ads were made over?)

Other Jun Ichikawa questions

Did Zawa-zawa Shimokita-sawa ever get released for home video (in any format)?  Same question for By?in de shinu to iu koto.  Ditto for all the films prior to Tsugumi.

Has anyone seen Haru, Barneys de? -- it seems to have a first rate cast.  How did this TV movie compare with his theatrical films?

I'm holding my own retrospective in honor of Ichikawa, as best I can.  So far, I've re-watched Aogeba totoshi (why no Western showings at all!), Tokyo Marigold and Tokyo Yakyoku (shouldn't this be serenade rather than lullaby).  I am finding it a bit hard to watch these films without constantly remembering he is now gone.  Aogeba totoshi was especially hard to watch.


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> Alex,
> One obit that I read said that he started working at a TV
> CM company  
> in 1975 and turned freelance in 1981. He started his own
> production  
> office in 1983. He did continue to make CMs after becoming
> a film  
> director. Here, for instance, is one he did a couple of
> years ago in  
> 2004:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9cmI1bb14s
> I have links to two of his more famous commercials on my
> site:
> http://aarongerow.com/news/ichikawa_jun.html
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