H-JAPAN (E): representations of blacknesS, Japanese & Korean Cinema

Jason Herlands herlands at umich.edu
Fri Aug 28 11:18:05 EDT 2009

I'd also recommend the film adaptation of Murakami Ryû’s Almost  
Transparent Blue (1979, Kitty films, available only on VHS and in  
Japan as far as I know). Murakami also directed, and this seems to  
have been Mitamura Kunio’s screen debut.

The film includes black and white soldiers from Yokota Air Base,  
starkly differentiated, as well as young men and women supposed to be  
of Japanese, Korean, and “mixed-blood” descent, all cavorting about  
in the sex-n-drugs-filled backwater of Fussa, Tokyo-to.

I haven't found much information on the African American characters  
in the film, though would be interested to learn more about  
Alexander ?Easely, who sings the original song “Queen of Eastern  
Blues” at the start of an orgy.

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