White Washing

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Hi Markus,

Couldn't help thinking of another very similar and recent example I was forced to experience by my students (I foolishly agreed to watch a Japan-themed movie with them!!). The live-action adaptation of Dragonball, _Dragonball Evolution_, features a very curious mixture of ethnic backgrounds in its lead actors. Though the actor who plays the protagonist is Caucasian, unsurprisingly.

Let's just say that my 6-year-old thought it was pretty good. "Sort of," anyway.

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There has been some discussion over the years of Asian characters being played by Caucasians in American remakes. Here’s another one for the mill, from an article in the new Flow: 

"Fan Protests, Cultural Authenticity, and the Adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender" by Patricia Nelson ( http://flowtv.org/?p=4215 ) A consideration of the fan backlash surrounding Paramount?s choice to cast white actors as Asian characters. 


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