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For what it's worth, also check http://www.airbnb.com

It's a similar site, though there are private accomodations as well, all 
well cheaper than a hotel.


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Asako, director of the festival's Tokyo office and a longtime member of 
KineJapan, gave some good info on this. I thought I'd chime in with one 
alternative. It's a particularly good one for people who want to visit this 
venerable fest but don't have money for hotels. I'm thinking of 
Couchsurfing.org, which I have been using to great success. I have to say, 
I've become a fan of this.

It's a social networking site, like Facebook, except that it's for people 
who like people face to face. Face-to-Facebook, you could call it. People 
will open their home to you out of the goodness of their hearts. If you're 
"ningengirai" it's not for you. But if you want to see how the locals are 
living, it's wonderful. Not to mention free. And there is no obligation to 
reciprocate by opening your home, although this is all about good karma in 
the end. Here the site:


You can look up me to see basically how it works. You find people in the 
place you want to go to. Exchange some email with them and seed if their 
couch is free. And you go there and enjoy their hospitality with no 
expectations other than being a gracious and respectful guest.

I've used it a few times, and it's made my trips far more memorable. 
Depending on the person, they'll show you around, help you orient yourself, 
introduce you to their friends, and even cook for you. Beats a hotel any 

I see that there are two people in Yamagata city that "have couches." Both 
are foreign English teachers.

See you there!


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Dear Kinejapanners,

I`ll be in Yamagata October 9th-13th for the YIDFF, since is my first
time I was wondering if
anyone knows of a reasonable place to stay in.

Thank you

Matteo Boscarol
- "Festival dei Popoli" International Documentary Film Festival-
   Firenze, Italy.
   mobile 090 9892 1623

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