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Dear Matteo and other friends, 
The YIDFF screening schedule is just about finished, and should be available
in a week or so. So it's a good time to start making travel plans! 
In recent years, there's been a hotel construction boom in the town, so
there are many "business" hotels around the station where you can stay for
around 5000 yen per night. A bit far (especially from Komian), but I
recommend Super Hotel on the west side of the station, which promises good
sleep (beds are great, and they have natural hot spring bath). Festival
regulars are booking "weekly mansions" -- furnished rooms for a very cheap
rate, but I think they're all gone by now. 
Festival guests are staying in Washington Hotel Nanokamachi and Grand Hotel.
You can write to the festival office to ask for a list of hotels and
minshuku (Japanese style inns). 

YIDFF Tokyo Office 
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