Koji Shiraishi's "Grotesque" banned for UK video release.

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I don't believe Grotesque is actually based on Karino's novel. Part of the problem for the BBFC is that it isn't actually much like Saw either, having much more in common with the first couple of Guinea Pig movies (not much of a recommendation!).

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This is interesting. Before i quit my job as editor of maddog magazine
i was sent a press screener for this film, obviously before it had the
ban slapped on it. Though i never plucked up the courage to watch it
(i hate the thought of films like Saw), although i'm no prude
generally (one of my favourite films being The isle by Kim Ki-duk), i
do possess a copy if anyone is really interested in sourcing this.

The thing that attracted me to the film in the first place is that it
is based on a novel by cult female author Natsuo Karino, who also
wrote Out, which i really enjoyed reading. Though perhaps it is a
subject better left to the written word...


2009/8/19 Jasper Sharp <jasper_sharp at hotmail.com>:
> Hi fellow Kinejapanners,
> I've posted an article on my new website (http://jaspersharp.com/), about
> the banning of Koji Shiraishi's rather unpleasant sounding horror film
> Grotesque, and my reactions to it, not the film but the ban.
> I hope people find this interesting.
> Best
> jasper
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