Yale Film Studies Grad Conference January '10: Call for Papers

Takuya Tsunoda takuya.tsunoda at yale.edu
Sun Aug 16 08:24:52 EDT 2009

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Takuya Tsunoda

Call for Papers

Film Studies Program at Yale University
2nd Annual Graduate Student Conference

“SCREENS, SOUNDS, SEATS: on motion picture exhibition”

January 28-29, 2009, Yale University, New Haven, CT
Keynote Speaker TBA

As cinema has re-invented itself in myriad forms, ranging from  
vaudeville variety programs to television, from the drive-in to  
portable ipod touch screens, “film exhibition” has re-asserted its  
importance in the field.

Volatile in the 19th century, integral in the ‘silent’ era, and  
highly refined in contemporary commercial cinema, exhibition practices  
remain central to understanding where cinema has been and where it is  
heading. Implicitly or explicitly, film & media scholars have focused  
on exhibition to understand cinema’s historical place within a  
culture. We mind how films self-consciously reflect on exhibition as a  
means to understand the nature of the art, framing the image from the  
perspective of the thousands gathered in a picture palace to the  
headphoned sardine at thirty thousand feet. None may be more conscious  
of exhibition than the makers, who look through a viewfinder but must  
imagine what the viewer’s eye will see.

This conference invites proposals on any domain of screen practice,  
from any discipline. Our goals are to examine the relationship of the  
image onscreen to the range of social, political, and aesthetic  
discourses on its borders, and to explore the experience of  
spectatorship as it continues to evolve.

Submissions may take inspiration from, but are not limited to, the  
following topics:
– Moviegoing in urban/rural environments – Traveling exhibition –  
Multi-use venues – Live music & vocal performers – Multi-sensory  
shows & 3D - Expanded Cinema – Inter-arts & performance – Digital  
media – Design & distribution – Cinema architecture – Release  
patterns & economics – Changing platforms – Piracy & appropriation  
– Decline of movie theatres – Future of exhibition – Television &  
the family – Pornography in the media sphere – Films & filmmakers  
that reflect on exhibition – Psychology & cognition of the moviegoer  
– Comparison to exhibition & performance in other arts –  
Identifying historical trends in exhibition – Trends in film theory  
– World cinema & global enterprise – Segregated sites of exhibition  
– Activist screening practices

Presentations may not exceed 20 minutes.
Please submit abstracts of 250 words or less to yalefilmstudies at gmail.com 
  by October 15, 2009. Please include paper title, name, institution,  
department, email & phone. Open to graduate students only.

Sponsored by the Yale Graduate School, Whitney Humanities Center, Film  
Studies Program, & Film Studies Center.
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