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Jason Krigsfeld jasonorjerome at
Wed Aug 12 00:32:36 EDT 2009

Hey, all. My name is Jason Krigsfeld. I'm a senior at Wesleyan University in
Connecticut, studying East Asian Studies and Sociology, concentrating in
Japanese Cinema. I'm originally from Russia but now live in New York City.
I've worked at Japan Society of New York in the film department for their
annual Japan Cuts (with Kinema Club member Caldwell Lever who introduced me
to this website and list serv), and currently working as an intern at the
YIDFF offices in Tokyo. I'm also currently working on my thesis on Yakuza
Film, and I am trying to start my own Japanese film festival at Wesleyan
University this spring. I hope to work on Japanese film festivals throughout
my life, and one day, become a professor of Japanese film and history
myself. I'm excited to read the fascinating topics of discussion on his
listserv and hope you all can help me with my requests from time to time.
Thanks so much!

Jason Krigsfeld
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