Sakadachi-kun / Five Filosophical Fables

Cathy nishikataeiga at
Sat Aug 8 04:13:56 EDT 2009

A question has been puzzling me for sometime and I wonder if anyone of you
KineJapaners might be able to help.

The art animator Tomoyasu Murata <> has a series of
comical shorts featuring Sakadachi-kun (aka Handstand Boy)  who runs about
upsidedown on his hands.  If I recall correctly, one of Donald Richie's Five
Filosophical Fables (1967) also featured a man walking around Ginza or
thereabouts on his hands.  Does anyone know if there are any other stories
out there featuring walking on the hands?  I have a feeling that it has just
been done by Murata for comic effect, but I was curious if there might be a
greater significance / storytelling tradition that I should be aware of.

All the best,


Catherine Munroe Hotes
Rosenstrasse 13
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