Aoyama Shinji's (anti)emperor collage-film

Anne McKnight mcknight at
Fri Feb 27 01:34:16 EST 2009


am wondering if anyone has seen a film of Aoyama Shinji's--"Sude ni  
oita kanojo no subete ni tsuite wa kataranu tame ni." He made it in  
2002, right before "Yuriika."

It sounds like it is a collage-essay film, ~54 min, and features a lot  
of excerpts from Watanabe Naomi's study of the "fukei shôsetsu," or  
fiction of imperial dis-respect. From what I have read, the excerpts  
are mostly about or from the works of Nakano Shigeharu and Natsume  

It looks like it's played a lot of mini-theatres and cine-clubs in the  
big 3 cities, so I'm curious if anyone saw it, and how it might have  
compared to either "Roji e" or to Watanabe's general take.



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