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On Feb 24, 2009, at 7:46 PM, Lindsay Nelson wrote:

> Is Page of Madness available in DVD format, or in any particular  
> cinema libraries?
I wrote about this in my blog announcement, but apart from poor  
visual quality bootlegs on VHS or DVD floating around the net, there  
are no official DVDs out there. A colleague in Japan has been working  
on putting one out, but given the fact that few Japanese buy DVDs of  
silent films and that few Japanese companies figure in foreign sales  
(which would number several hundred for a film like this), he reports  
that the company seems to be putting this on the back burner.

As for film prints, I don't have a complete account of which archives  
have it, but the Film Center, Eastman House, and the BFI all seem to  
have it. I'd like to hear of any other places if people know of any.

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