Okuribito wins

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> Given Mike's mail, one question we can ask is whether this award will
> turn Takita into an "auteur" with all the accouterments: retro
> screenings, DVD series, articles and books, etc. Given most of his
> recent films, one might say no, but we shall see.

I doubt it, mostly because those who act as tastemakers/gatekeepers with
those kind of things are way too cool to be influenced by the Oscars. But I
think the next Japanese candidate for auteur treatment is Obayashi Nobuhiko.
HAUSU aired on IFC and downloads of his films and short films have made the
rounds -- without subs I hear. The critics' listserve I'm on recently blew
up with discussion of HAUSU and a local programmer is planning to show the
film, paired up with what, I don't know, DRIFTING CLASSROOM (not the remake
with Henry Silva, though)?

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